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Manufacture wheelchairs
since 2013

The MCP Basket is optimally designed for basketball wheelchair sports and is therefore the right chair for professional players. The sports wheelchair is individually manufactured according to customer specifications in terms of frame dimensions and equipment and thus stands out from chairs with standard dimensions.

Due to its special construction and the material used, it is designed for all necessary conditions, such as maneuverability or high driving speed, in basketball.

Precise turning maneuvers, rapid acceleration or abrupt stopping are effortlessly feasible with the MCP Basket, whereby the player never loses his stability due to the different anti-tips


Made of high-strength aluminum, firmly welded, the rigid frame is extremely stable and offers optimal driving characteristics. All dimensions are optimally adapted in advance to the demands and weight of the athlete, as are the tube dimensions. The MCP Basket enables the professional player to create a unique game situation.


The design of the MCP basket is completely adapted to your ideas. Depending on the personal requirements of the player and the player's position, ramming bars are attached in a variety of ways - for optimal performance on the field.

Upholstery / covering

Different fabrics or covers can be used for the upholstery. The tailor-made seat upholstery offers a correspondingly high level of seating comfort.

Optional accessories

Only high-quality accessories are used for the sports wheelchairs. Particular attention is paid to the longevity of wear parts such as B. placed the ball bearings. Here, too, it is important to us that you can choose the accessories from our products and thus adapt them to your wishes. Short steering wheel forks enable precise turning maneuvers and the fastest possible reactions. Various anti-tippers, which can be manufactured according to individual specifications, offer robust collision protection.